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To get a full detailed comparative market analysis or CMA (home's value) on your home and homes in your neighborhood click the link below.


Click Here For CMA

Aside from purchasing your home selling it can be an even bigger more time-consuming decision you and your family will ever make. Let me help you throughout your journey.

Did you know that it's a seller's market and a great time to capitalize on your amazing investment? Let me walk you throughout this process so it doesn't become a second job.



  1. WHY ARE YOU SELLING?  Are you relocating due to a job transfer or have you gone through a recent separation? Are you looking to downsize or are you looking for a bigger home for your growing family? Do you want to capitalize on your home's current value? The first step to selling your beloved home is to figure out why you want to sell.

  2. WHEN DO YOU WANT TO SELL? Figure out when you would like to sell your home so you can have a new one lined up with the sale of your current home. It's very important to make sure your home is in the condition you would like to sell it in prior to listing the home so you can get the maximum its worth.

  3. ESTABLISH A PRICE? Figure out how much you want to profit. Talk to your lender to find out how much you still owe. This is very important as we will establish what your home is currently worth. Use our handy Comparative Market Analysis tool (click here) to get an idea of what homes have recently sold for in your neighborhood.

  4. CALL ME ~ Call or text me at (630)699-2111. Selling your home can easily become a second job if you don't have an expert helping you. 



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